Gladiatorial Stragos

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Gladiatorial Stragos

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Monocroteus Emphia

Planet with a greco roman architecture throughout the futuristic city scapes.

Extremely large Colosseum in the very center of the capital state, Stragos, serves as the main source of income for the capital and the government of the planet. Bringing in tourism from across the planet for the massive gladiatorial combats and events they have.

Every city-state on the planet is required by law to contain an Arena for combat trials with a size dictated by the census within the region of the state.

Gladiatorial Culture

The arenas serve as the prisons for the criminals of the planet, as well as one of the largest sources of income for the states and the planet as a whole.

Prisoners for larger crimes are put into the arenas into their city state

Prisoners for heinous crimes on Monocroteus Emphia as well as inmates for specifically sanctioned planets across the galaxy are sent to the Colosseum within the center of Stragos.

All medium to heinous crimes within Stragos itself get you sent to the Colosseum, in the case of less severe crimes they are grouped in teams of two to four to compete as one unit within the Colosseum.

When given into a “prison” within the planet, you are given a choice of either public mass execution, or to sign up to be a gladiator for a “chance at redemption and freedom”.

Though, the contract signed when entering the arena states that if you forfeit your title as gladiator, you are willing accept death as payment to the government for all the services they have given you. Your worth is how much money you’ve brought your Arena or Colosseum.

Thus, if you win fame and glory as a gladiator you can never leave that mantle as a pseudo-slave to the state due to death in contract.

Colosseum Gladiator Housing
(per number of victories)

0: Underground- Communal “hostel” type situation under the entire colosseum.
5: Ground Level- Individual Cells with cots and so forth. Jail cell. Meals served to room
10: Second Level- Larger Cells with more comfortable beds and better meals.
15: Third Level- Individual Single Rooms. Real beds, small half bathroom attached, still served meals to the room, though rather nice food and drink available on request. Hotel Room.
20: Top Level- Single Bedroom Apartment. Room Service Still Available.
25: Top Level- Two Story Cottage.Much like the apartments but with a second floor.
30+: Top Level, Behind Main Fountain- Champion’s Villa. Luxurious Manor with servants of choice, pampered and fed grapes/wine/anything else at will. [ TAJA ]

Gladiator Rankings

As with housing, you ranking amongst fellow gladiators within the colosseum is determined not by number of kills, but number of victories.

There has only ever been one champion at a time, mostly because no one has seen 30+ kills outside of the first champion, R’kha Veérhi, with a Stragos current record of 32 victories and the current champion, Taja Saiyani.

The Rankings are as follows:

Maggot 0-3
Larva 4
Fledgling 5-9
Rookies 10-14
Munifex 15-19
Legionary 20-24
Centurion 25-29
Champion 30+

There is a lot of brawls and issues with the Larva of the Underground pushing around and abusing the Maggots for the best bits of food and the best bedding. Abusing the idea that they’re “better”by their rank, when legally they are all the same. In fact the whole first rank was once simply called Larva, but over time a disparity began to occur and the rank of Maggot was unofficially adopted.

From Munifex up, bar the current champion, the lower ranks often refer to them as “Pampered”s as they get the better living spaces and are the chosen lackeys of the government for elite army foot soldiers and the like to do their dirty work when necessary.


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