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The Kasatha race are an Amazoninan-esque race native to the vast, jungle grass-lands of Dagon V. Most Kasatha are birthed with blood on their brow and spear in hand, natural born hunters, with the powers of ancients running through their veins. Though female physiques are curvaceous and broad in bust and hip, it does not stop them from being the most powerful and effective of hunters, with knowledge in bindings and in adaptation. They follow the hunter’s belief of Riv'raga, their patron goddess, believed to be spirit of every hunter across all galaxies and all universes. She was believed to possess strong warriors before important hunts, and while slaying great beasts. If the Kasatha please Riv’raga, they are believed to go to the Kasatha's 'heaven', also known as 'Riv'raga's Zoo', an endless jungle expanse populated with many numbers of every predator every great hunter has defeated, the goddess included. However, it is not so easy to please Riv’raga, as the hearts and livers of the beasts slain in mortality must become offerings to the goddess, and can also grant swiftness and strength in great hunts. It is also said, that before their destruction, the Kasatha belief had changed, as the shamans of the tribes believed that if warriors devoured certain parts of animals, they would gain their ability. A heart, for courage, a brain, for wisdom, a liver for distillation.

Sadly, however, the Kasatha race is now a ‘dead race’, as their planet and environment was destroyed by the Modernisation of planets around Vathea, decreed by B’renla Orvahk II.


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