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Birthed on Dagon III, and with the nickname of the ‘Huntzers’, Ra’veens have a narrow spectrum of colour. Primary colours and secondary colors are naturally what they see, blues, greens, reds, yellows, purple, oranges, black, white.  However this spectrum is intensified due to an infrared property to their vision. The more intense the color the warmer the location of the color. This allows them to easily identify key organs and have exceptional night vision and hunting skills. Although, their eyes are often referred to as the farthest seeing natural eyes in the entire Galaxy, being exceptionally “eagle-eyed”. Ra’veens are exceptionally avian-esque in appearance. Though not with any truly prominent beaks or wings or the like, except on the Eldest Ones - though all have smooth, sharp features with less prominent eyebrow ridges in order to have super-optimal peripheral.  Their hair is thick individually, very strong and very vibrant, typically either free flowing and medium length or longer and braided. Most also have hair that is primarily brown or black, with brown hair having mostly red and/or yellow ‘glimmers’, while black mostly have blue, purple or rarely green ‘glimmers’. Most choose for braids as when the sun hits them the vibrant spectra of color from the woven pattern is extremely alluring. They also bear an “Ancients’ Span,” a barely noticeable line of small bumps would trail from shoulder blades to almost all the way down the backside of their arms depending on how new of a generation they are. Older Huntzers have a longer line of bumps along their arms that would go almost all the way down. Younger generations would only have a line along their backs/shoulder. These bumps are rather small, though if someone were to pay attention they would notice the line feels extremely silken, denoting the ever so slightest protrusion of feathery hair follicles. Nails at the ends of their fingers would be very hard and extremely sharp, avian-esque talons for nails, most also wearing ‘talon armor’ to further make their talon-like digits even more deadly. Their bodies are lithe and lanky, though their physique is almost completely made of taut muscles capable of extraordinarily quick reflex and equally extraordinary endurance. Ra’veens are naturally birthed and bred hunters, with exceptional skill in combat - and a powerful sense of connection to their ancestors.

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