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Vatheans are a race native to Vathea specifically. They are the closest to Terrans than anyone in the Alcyoneus Galaxy, and live as most natural humans would. However, they are exceedingly intelligent beings, and are known as the ‘tech-basket’ of the Galaxy, commonly being donators to modernization and gadgets across the Galaxy. They are most well known either for their ‘Esnedium’ metal, a seemingly indestructible, extra-light alloy, or their leading technology company, TenesNoimo, which, together rake in 95.8% of the planet’s income.

Though, despite their positive name for their intelligence, they are known as savages and plunderers by other, more native planets. Planets around Vathea, in recent incidents, have been brought to near-destruction due to modernization,  and races are even exterminated in this process. This movement is known as the ‘Dievrynsi extension’, and will one day be used to make all planets hospitable and welcoming to all races that may wish to move and holiday there. It is presumed that the Vathean planet would gain a boom in their economy from this movement, as their technology would be bought and used by all that relocated onto modernized planets.

Vathea, while somewhat barbaric to some, is actually the home of a very civilized Empire - composed of Vathea, Gamma Fortuna and Dagon V. Their emperor, B’renla Orvahk II, though a strong ruler, was also well known for being a cruel dictator to those who defied his law. A state of protection was known to many, but a state of fear known to some.

This, in time, was the cause of the development of small cults and groups, and most dangerously, the Creed of The Black Crown, an assassin group, lead by Amos Jethro, an ex-guardian to B’renla Orvahk (first of his name), rejected by B’renla Orvahk II. The second in command to Amos, were the ‘Jewels of the Black Crown’. This small group of people were composed of four, with a nickname for each jewel on the crown, Sapphire, Obsidian, Cichild and Emerald.

The constant sense of distaste that the small minority of Vathea felt soon grew, and after an outcry, B’renla Orvahk II, the Emperor, was assassinated. The perpetrators, Taja Saiyani, Nova Arturos and Ava Pryce were sent to Stragos, where they settled their death sentences there instead of choosing public execution. However, after looking into the origins of each individual, they found The Creed of The Black Crown to be at fault, and now, the Creed itself is near-defunct. A sense of unease creeps over Vathea as they choose their new Emperor, but the city, in its misfortune, continues to strive.

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