Projects and their Companions

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Projects and their Companions

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On the date of the next Noir purge, the Resistance against Orpheus send in an Alpha squad to ambush. In this squad is a young woman by the name of Na’veen. In their ambush, they are unsuccessful, and two individuals from the Alpha Squad are taken back to the Capital for information and testing. One of these individuals is Na’veen. She endures weeks of torture,  pain and testing, with certain parts of her body removed and replaced with a superior metal version. Noticing how well her body reacts to these implants, PROJECT Athena is launched. These tests seem to continue forever, endless in their actions until her memory is wiped, finally a finished product.  

When PROJECT Athena is completed, she is presented to the people - and the government is very pleased with the civil reaction. She becomes adored and loved - a strong role model for the people.

To them, she is a smiling role model. But under all the corruption, all the brainwashing, she is programmed to annihilate all traces of rebellion in the Capital.

Her murders are silent and unspoken of - but they are clean and mess-free.

A t h e n a - patron goddess of the city of Athens. W i s d o m and w a r f a r e .

A figurehead. A leader. A role model. A teacher.  A patron.

A strong-minded, silent assassin.

Smiling - with blades hidden behind her back.

A p p e a r a n c e

Athena is lithe female - natural to the human eye except for a few odd differences in her skin. Her features are prominent - jawline defined and face heart-shaped. Though, some items in her face stand out. She has one mark upon her right upper cheek, which seems to look alike a barcode but under close inspection, is an odd glitch in her cybernetics. The outer skin has been scraped away, leaving her wiring exposed. When her forearms are unexposed beneath thick metal, her wiring is also shown under the thin flesh. It is a similar story with her shins - where the skin is thinner. On the back of her neck, is a chip. This will naturally glow a light shade of blue - but when agitated or prepared to fight, it will glow a light shade of crimson due to the program noting an enemy. Her eyes do quite the same. Her hair is long, black and silken; pristine and somewhat non-human.

P e r s o n a l i t y

She is very stern. A serious female, more likely to express anger more than love. Rarely, does she express affection or any sort of admiration - only focusing on her work and what needs to be done. She does not convey sympathy or empathy in any way - nor does she ever wish to.  Athena is a woman of business - having an odd tunnel vision for the city and only the city. She disregards all but Ares, her carer.

E q u i p m e n t

Athena is not one for messy assassination. She prefers blades and small weapons - ones that can produce the slightest mess but can complete the job. One of her blades is hidden within her left forearm,  concealed beneath her false skin. No other weapons are concealed - being a silenced pistol and a few smaller, other knives. Most are hidden beneath clothing, not skin nor circuits.

S k i l l s

M e n t a l

Athena is a natural  leader. She excels in making wise decisions in situations that would require quick-thinking. She is exceedingly intelligent. She has a wide range of applied knowledge - especially when it comes to computers/wiring and the like.

P h y s i c a l

When it comes to physical skills, her expertise is very scattered. She is trained in hand-to-hand combat and is very strong - due to non-human strength in her arms and legs. Sensors in her eyes may gift her with amplified sight, where she may be able to use night-vision and thermal vision. When scanning a person, she may tap into her programmed databases to work out a person’s intent or danger; dependent on possession of weaponry and class of weaponry. She has enough power to flip a car - gifting her with the strength to lift at least 1.7 metric tonnes. The titanium beneath her false skin has a melting point of 1,668 °C, gifting her with immense durability - as she can only be killed through extreme heat, EMP grenades and damaged wiring. To conceal her vulnerable wiring, Athena wears a nanosuit, which permits invisibility, the ability to endure extreme heat, the ability to muster extreme strength and dramatically increases speed at choice. In some modes, especially in that of a survival mode, the suit will inject odd narcotic-like nanoparticles, which will permit much more strength, speed and agility. Though, after using this mode, due to extreme use of energy, the suit will be in cooldown mode, where her strength will be dramatically minimized. Her suit can be powered by solar power, thermal power, radiation, static and kinetic power.

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