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After The Floods, the final action of Global Warming, the world of Titania is in ruin. Crops and animals are drowning, humans are fleeing to the mountains -- the human race as known is dying out.

However, one large home, a sea-scape city of the future called New Britanica is created. It is a beautiful place, so pristine and so plain that it is considered a Utopia. It used to house exceedingly rich and important people, who would flee to safety after the sea levels began to rise. But as word got out about such a place, more people fled in need of solace, crowding the Island for what it was worth. Refugees arrive in their thousands at the borders, cramming to get in, yelling, shouting, bringing furious types of chaos of which can barely be restored. To maintain control, New Britanica is split into two districts. The Laroux and the Noir. The Laroux district is a beautiful, pristine place, with houses as tall as the eye can see, shaded in pure white -- while the Noir live in shantytowns, dying from poverty and genuine malnutrition with every day. But just as all seems in order, in safety and in care, a group of few, powerful individuals dub themselves in control. These people are known as The Orpheus, the government of New Britanica. Their rule starts off quiet and timid, banning few actions such as rebellion and strikes, until it manifests into that of a nightmare, giving none freedom, acting as a totalitarian government. Freedom of speech is banned. Love of which is undeclared to The Orpheus is banned. These small actions escalate, years pass, until the government give up on their power and begin to terrorize. The poor are victims to a monthly purge, killing at least two-hundred Noir civilians. Men, women and children are killed, rendering the Noir not only terrified, but furious.

So they begin plotting against The Orpheus. They forge a Resistance against them, and though they plot, they are constantly under strain of the purges, and they seem to be increasing, but, the harder the pressure is, the larger the reaction. And the reaction is soon to come...

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